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Loan Process

PFI does not charge an upfront retainer fee to review and analyze your project’s plan. 
Generally speaking, the manner in which we will process your funding request is as follows: after the initial inquiry by the Client or Broker working on behalf of the Client and receipt of the Business Plan or very detailed Executive Summary, we will do an initial analysis to determine the probability of securing funding for the Client and also to determine if we want to work on the Client’s project funding request. If so, we will send an email response outlining to the Client or Broker, what specific documentation we will need in order to take the project to the next level.

Our Process:

  1. Borrower submits Business Plan, NCND, Application and Passport to PFI.
  2. PFI’s Managing Director reviews all documentation and determines if the project is fundable (1-3 business days) or needs additional information.
  3. Project is submitted to the selected PFI Lender(s) and they accept or deny interest in financing the project.
  4. If the PFI lender is interested, a Letter of Interest (LoI) is issued.
  5. If approved, final closing contracts are issued to the borrower with specific time frames and closing schedule.
  6. The transaction is closed and the full loan amount or 1st tranche is disbursed.

IMPORTANT: If you are serious about securing funding for your "shovel ready" project, please email a 10 to 30 page Professional Business Plan to us or call us first to discuss your project.